17/10 SWANS

In honour of the year of swans ’22 and 20 years of STandART, we have have published a new single called Gulbji (Swans – in Latvian). As usual, recorded in collaboration with Kaspars Tobis (7Synths, Dzelzs vilks) near Mālpils, LV – under the watchful eye of the local swans – with STandART working as a duo: Kalvis Kluburs and Jānis Traviņš. Download the single on our Bandcamp site. Streaming available on Spotify and other digital platforms.

You can also vote for STandART – Gulbji on Radio NABA TOP10 LV (2 votes per day).

Thanks for your support over the years. Let the Swans make waves!

STandART 2022: Jānis Traviņš & Kalvis Kluburs. Photo: Kaspars Tobis.

The single features a number of Swans of slightly different colouring, as well as new versions of our previously released songs.

Rūnas 22 (Runes 22) is a result of our live rehearsals during the last few years. Cilvēks Ar Lukturi (Cauri Miglājiem Remix), original English version – Lantern Man, was made a couple of years ago, but finally received the last synthesizer sounds this autumn. The spoken phrases were recorded using excerpts from the novel Mysteries (1892) by Knut Hamsun.

Gulbji is originally performed by the neofolk band Ēnu kaleidoskops, with whom we have shared several band members/guest musicians. The original version can be heard on the album Ēnu kaleidoskops (2010).

STandART – Gulbji on “Röntgen” by Anders Melts (Raadio2, Estonia) (after 51:00)
on November 1, 2002. Röntgen Radio on FB  

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