STandART: 2009-2012

In summer 2009, STandART played three gigs together with the Swedish band Lip Service, participated in Body Machine Body festival in Tallinn, Estonia (headlined by Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio and Militant Cheerleaders on the Move) and the Valka Rock Festival in Latvia. The band was also actively working in the studio. The new songs featured guest musicians – Signe Putniņa from Ēnu Kaleidoskops on violin, Modris Matisāns on acoustic guitar and harmonica. Bassoon parts were recorded by Alise Timermane in Gothenburg, Sweden. Two songs were made together with Hien, who participated from Lodz, Poland.

On October 19, 2009 the first single I’m the Voices/Autumn News was released and followed by the 2nd album Autumn News (self-released) on November 6. The new STandART sound was well-received by critics. STandART spent the rest of the year 2009 presenting their new songs to Latvian and Estonian audiences.

On February 14, 2010, STandART released the 2nd single from the album Autumn NewsAnimals of Our Kind – recorded also in Latvian and Swedish. The release of the single was followed by a concert tour across Finland, Sweden and Latvia. Animals of Our Kind, just like the previous single Autumn News, reached position No.1 at Radio NABA chart.

In September 2010, a brand new single Bez Miega Zirgi, produced in collaboration with Gas Of Latvia and Sandris Savickis (Starring Two), was released. The song was recorded for the compilation Strāvoklis with various Latvian artists performing poems by the Latvian poet Rainis. In October 2010, STandART performed together with the singer-songwriter Goran Gora at the festival Bildes 2010 and released their 3rd single from the Autumn News album – Pioneers. The release of the single was followed by a tour in Latvia and Estonia, including a support concert for the legendary German band De/Vision. In January 2011, STandART released as a single a new version of Autumn News, recorded together with Goran Gora.

During the next years, Kalvis Kluburs and Mārtiņš Links released albums with their other bands – Starring Two un Ēnu kaleidoskops. STandART’s main focus meanwhile was playing concerts – the band’s 10th anniversary gigs, support for the Swedish band Covenant’, concerts in Finland and Estonia and a unique performance at the Arsenāls Exhibition Hall of the Latvian National Museum of Art in Riga.