22/02/2024 STandART–22

To celebrate STandART’s 22nd anniversary, we have released a new maxi-single / remixes package ‘22′ (with reinterpretations by 7Synths, Law of the Dawn, Juris Tipa and the original Gulbji (Swans) version by Ēnu kaleidoskops). Available on our Bandcamp site and streaming platforms.

In addition, we will play a couple of anniversary concerts in Riga:
March 1 @ Depo + One Angry Geezer, Elias of Venus
March 23 @ Aleponija + 7Synths

We started this year with a small almost acoustic concert at the Riga Zoo (Jeļena Skuratova’s book release event – more HERE); however, the upcoming anniversary concerts will be our first full set-up performances in 6 years.

Our lineup behind the latest release ‘22’ and the upcoming concerts:
Jānis Traviņš  Gatis Gavriļenko  Kalvis Kluburs

We welcome Gatis as a member of the band, although he is already well-known to many, having been the band’s manager / DJ / driver / assistant for almost 20 years. A year ago, we agreed that it was time to take up the synthesizer.

Thanks to all STandART members and people whom we have worked with over the years. Thanks to our friends and listeners for the support.

See you at the concerts. Happy 22!

22/01/2024 STandART ZOO MOMENTS

On January 4, 2004, a selection of animal songs was performed by a combined lineup of STandART and Ēnu kaleidoskops: Mārtiņš Links, Signe Ābola, Kalvis Kluburs, Gatis Gavriļenko.

Photos from the event HERE

28/12/2023 LIVE AT THE ZOO!

A new children’s book has just been published – “Zoodārzs. Skaitām līdz 10” (Zoo. Let’s count to 10) by Jeļena Skuratova, Latvian rendition by Kalvis Kluburs.

The release event will take place on January 4, 2024, 17:00 – at the Riga Zoo, Amphibian and Reptile Hall. More information about the event informācija par pasākumu HERE. A specially prepared selection of animal songs will be performed by a combined lineup of STandART and Ēnu kaleidoskops.

Visit the author’s Instagram account for your chance to win a copy of the book!

22/08/2023 SWANS TOO

New maxi-single out now! Swans – English versions of Gulbji plus a new remix from Mexico.

17/10/2022 SWANS

In honour of the year of swans ’22 and 20 years of STandART, we have have published a new single called Gulbji (Swans – in Latvian). As usual, recorded in collaboration with Kaspars Tobis (7Synths, Dzelzs vilks) near Mālpils, LV – under the watchful eye of the local swans – with STandART working as a duo: Kalvis Kluburs and Jānis Traviņš. Download the single on our Bandcamp site. Streaming available on Spotify and other digital platforms.

You can also vote for STandART – Gulbji on Radio NABA TOP10 LV (2 votes per day).

Thanks for your support over the years. Let the Swans make waves!

STandART 2022: Jānis Traviņš & Kalvis Kluburs. Photo: Kaspars Tobis.

The single features a number of Swans of slightly different colouring, as well as new versions of our previously released songs.

Rūnas 22 (Runes 22) is a result of our live rehearsals during the last few years. Cilvēks Ar Lukturi (Cauri Miglājiem Remix), original English version – Lantern Man, was made a couple of years ago, but finally received the last synthesizer sounds this autumn. The spoken phrases were recorded using excerpts from the novel Mysteries (1892) by Knut Hamsun.

Gulbji is originally performed by the neofolk band Ēnu kaleidoskops, with whom we have shared several band members/guest musicians. The original version can be heard on the album Ēnu kaleidoskops (2010).

STandART – Gulbji on “Röntgen” by Anders Melts (Raadio2, Estonia) (after 51:00)
on November 1, 2002. Röntgen Radio on FB  


Kolka is a village in Northwest Latvia, a kind of ‘edge of the world’, that has inspired us greatly. A new Kolka audioguide is now published, in English as well, and we are happy that we could make a small contribution to the project of a place that we hold so dear – STandART song ‘Kolka’ is featured on one of the sections.

Get to know Kolka with the new audioguide! For more information, see Livonian community house FB site.


A new co-track with 7Synths (Kaspars Tobis) has been released.

Video version:

Purchase on Bandcamp:

Stream on Spotify:

12/07/2019 Mysteries Of The Seabirds in Photofilms – UPDATED

Our album “Mysteries Of The Seabirds” can now be watched as a playlist of 15 photofilms.



July 29 UPDATE: STandART discography is back on Spotify and other digital music platforms.

29/12/2018 Radio NABA 2018 Top 100

Three our tracks/co-tracks have found their way into Radio NABA 2018 Top 100.

No.39 – 7Synths – Green Light
No.44 – Starring Two – Jērs
No.64 – STandART – Kolka

Thanks for your votes throughout 2018.

15/12/2018 Odekolons #16

Our song “Drudzis” included in Odekolons #16, a compilation of Latvian independent bands.

Photo: Mūzikas veikals UPE

Available HERE.