The Great Absolution (2004)

STandART – The Great Absolution
Release date: December 13, 2004
Released by STandART / Zemgales Impērija (HRXCD002)
Design by Dmitry Jefremov, Kalvis Kluburs
Photos by Dmitry Jefremov, Kristaps Kalns
The single contains the Latvian version of the song “The Great Absolution”, which was re-recorded in English a year later and is now more recognizable under the English title.


01 Lielās Atlaides (Radio Versija)
02 Animals On The Road!
03 Lielās Atlaides (Ilgtermiņa Versija)
04 Fernfahrertraum 2004


Fernfahrertraum 2004