Animals of Our Kind (2010)

STandART – Animals of Our Kind
Release date: February 14, 2010
Released by STandART / Zemgales Impērija (HRX-PCD005)
Produced by Kaspars Tobis and STandART
Design by Agnese Ivane, Kalvis Kluburs
Photo by Aija Rusiņa

“”Animals Of Our Kind” elaborates more on the 80s factor in STandART’s music and leaves out harder guitars completely. It’s also quite a timeless composition, one of those never loosing their attraction for the listeners. Its light rhythms, though prominent enough not to be overheard, always have to succumb to the urgent melancholy they’re embraced by that only sometimes is complemented by a certain Dark Wave or Post Punk feeling. Besides that, its lyrics are quite a decent reflection of the human behaviour!”
Sebastian Huhn
Music webzine “Reflections of Darkness”, Germany