Autumn News (2009)

STandART – Autumn News
Release date: November 6, 2009
Released by STandART / Zemgales Impērija (ZRXCD001)
Produced by Kaspars Tobis & STandART
Design by Kristaps Kalns, Sarmīte Māliņa, Agnese Ivane, Kalvis Kluburs
Photos by Kristaps Kalns


01 The Field Where I Died
02 Animals of Our Kind
03 Pioneers
04 Ausmas Dziesma
05 61
06 Season People
07 I’m the Voices
08 June
09 Hydrology
10 Autumn News
11 Lapsu Nakts

“The album is closed by one of the best lullabies I have ever heard.”
Performance – 4/5
Enjoyment – 5/5
Dace Volfa
“Mūzikas Saule” magazine, Latvia

“Finally, this Latvian electronic workshop has found a balance between emotional British electroclash and motoric German dark wave synth pop that brings originality to the front and makes a pleasant listening. The best – the result is neither of the styles, as the music sublimes in new quality.”
Performance – 4/5
Enjoyment – 4/5
Jānis Stundiņš
“Mūzikas Saule” magazine, Latvia

“When back in 2002 the band introduced itself with a very strange video and unusual sound, there were only two possibilites: either this was just another try to patch up the holes of the Latvian music tapestry – that is usually not a long-term process – or these fashionably dressed young men will become respectable members of the marginal, yet very necessary underground music environment. With their second album, STandART proves the second case and raises a black velvet curtain revealing a melancholic, silently powerful cabaret of emotions.”
Performance – 4/5
Enjoyment – 4/5
Toms Treibergs
“Mūzikas Saule” magazine, Latvia

“The chances are that the sincere southern synthpop band needs no introduction. They have been around here several times and won over many hearts. STandART has many cards up their sleeve, a few of which being the soul crushing vocals and music following the traditions of honest analogue synthpop.”
Anders Melts
“Body Machine Body” festival organizer, Estonia

“First looks can be deceiving, they don’t reveal enough to form a qualified opinion and in case of STandART’s new album it would have been a shame. The arrangements are well worked out in their vintage clothing, detailed enough to not get bored by it after a short time already, and with a voice like that on top they should be able to break out of their niche existence soon and getting to play themselves into the hearts of a much bigger audience.”
Music: 8
Sound: 9
Extras: –
Total: 8.5 / 10
Sebastian Huhn
Music webzine “Reflections of Darkness”, Germany

“The album actually dismisses the latest misconceptions that classify Eastern Europe within a marginal creativity. The proof is here: STandART are back!”
Massimo Colombo
Music webzine “D-side”, Italy

Interview with STandART on TVNET.LV (in Latvian)

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