Australia (2007)

STandART – Australia

Release date: September 14, 2007
Released by Gauja Records (GAUJA 003)
Produced by Kaspars Tobis, Sandris Savickis and STandART
Design & photos by Kristaps Kalns, Kalvis Kluburs & Agnese Ivane


01 Seven Times
02 Kā Citi Dzīvo
03 Corrosion
04 My Holiness
05 The Snail & The Hare
06 Fernfahrertraum
07 Animals On The Road!
08 The Wonderful Fair
09 Energia
10 Tumšas Kaijas Baltās Debesīs
11 The Great Absolution
12 Aslan’s Song
13 Emigration
14 Phasic
15 Winterize
16 Australia

“Points for originality, as no band in our region play so stylistically pure derivation of the 80’s depressive synth-pop. (..) Another praise for album design that suits the musical atmosphere. All together leaves an impression of a good taste.”
Performance – 4/5
Enjoyment – 4/5
Design – 5/5
Dace Volfa
“Mūzikas Saule” magazine, Latvia

Performance – 4/5
Enjoyment – 4/5
Design – 4/5
Jānis Stundiņš
“Mūzikas Saule” magazine, Latvija

Performance – 4/5
Enjoyment – 3/5
Design – 5/5
Kaspars Zaviļeiskis
“Mūzikas Saule” magazine, Latvija

“The chances are that the sincere southern synthpop band needs no introduction. They have been around here several times and won over many hearts. STandART has many cards up their sleeve, a few of which being the soul-crushing vocals and music following the traditions of honest analogue synthpop.”
Anders Melts
“Body Machine Body” festival organizer, DJ, Estonia

“Synth-pop of the highest quality.” 8/10
Luiz Soncini
Promoter, DJ, “Elegy Iberica” magazine, Portugal

“It’s all very smartly put together, it’s an album you can get a touch lost in at times, until someone throws you by singing in another language. It’s mostly mellow and subdued. But, rather impressive for a debut album – particularly when their origin isn’t somewhere widely looked at for new scene bands. Perhaps in ways they could benefit from a touch more budget, or to play more gigs around all of Europe with other bands to help them strengthen.”
Kevin Morris
TWF magazine, UK

“Among others, STandART offer two songs sung in their mother tongue, which give the album something very special something that seems reflect the clear skies and a cold morning on the Baltic Sea, this cold and gloomy mood is expressed to perfection even piano “Emigration” or the closing title track, a track that sails between resignation and hope, worthy of closing an album certainly different from many other things, this is absolutely worthwhile. The disc is ideal for a cold and rainy day: sincere compliments to this band.” 8/10
Paolo Chemnitz
“Darkroom” magazine, Italy