Starring Two

‘Starring Two’ was formed in 2005 in Jūrmala, Latvia,  by Sandris Savickis (synthesizers, programing) and Edgar Kurik (vocals, guitar). The band released three radio singles in 2006-2008 – ‘He Said’, ‘Rotterdam’, and ‘Joe Blow’ – and played several concerts in Latvia and Estonia together with STandART. Sandris had previously co-produced STandART’s  single ‘Corrosion’ (2006) under the nickname – Overflow.

In 2007, Sandris Savickis formed a side-project ‘Padome’ (‘Council’ in Latvian) with Kalvis Kluburs from STandART as a vocalist. In 2008, they released their first radio single ‘Te Nav Vietas Tev’ (‘There’s No Place For You’). In 2010, Sandris Savickis made a remix for STandART – ‘Animals of Our Kind’ (Space Traveller Mix).

Meanwhile, ‘Starring Two’ continued to work on their first full album. In 2010, Edgar Kurik left Latvia, and Kalvis Kluburs joined ‘Starring Two’ to record vocals for the album. The single ‘Hospital’ and the album ‘Portraits & Landscapes’ were released in June 2012. The same year recording of a new song in Latvian, “Jērs” (Lamb), was started. The song was published in September 2018.