Oļa un Melnie Sūdi

“Oļa un Melnie Sūdi” (Olya and the Black Shits) is a musical story that has taken place only once so far. It was November 22, 2003 when STandART celebrated the release of their debut single “Fernfahrertraum 2003” at the LLU Students Theatre in Jelgava. “Oļa un Melnie Sūdi” was a semi-spontaneous support act for STandART.
In the spotlight, young people from Jelgava presented a story about Olya, a one-handed girl who was suffering because of love and other people’s cruelty, making the spectators  think about our attitude towards people who are different. The tragical part of Olya was excellently played by Ieva Čemodānos.
Somewhere in the dark, the Black Shits were creating the musical side of the story. Three then-members of STandART – Kalvis Kluburs (vocals), Kaspars Kņazs Stāmers (piano) and Juris Tipa (acoustic guitar) – performed 4 cover versions in a certain order:
Depeche Mode – It Doesn’t Matter Two
Depeche Mode – Here Is The House
Paradise Lost – Mouth
Wolfsheim – Kein Zurück