18/06 ‘Starring Two’ album out now!

Finally, ‘Starring Two’ album ‘Portraits and Landscapes’ has been released and is available for free/donations on the band’s official website and the Bandcamp site.,

The album has been produced at ‘Starring Two’ home studio in Jūrmala, Latvia, by Sandris Savickis. It features a number of historic instruments – ‘Moog Prodigy’, ‘E-MU EMAX2’, ‘Korg MonoPoly’, ‘Ensoniq FIZMO’, ‘Eventide H3000 D/SE’, as well as some modern classics – ‘Nord Lead 1/2/3’, ‘Nord Modular’, ‘Waldorf Q’, ‘Future Retro XS’, ‘Access Virus’, ‘Schippmann Ebbe und Flut’ etc. One of the sounds belongs to an analog modular synthesizer, which is yet being developed in Latvia.

Also, the lead-single ‘Hospital’ has entered Radio NABA LV Top10. You can support ‘Starring Two’ by voting HERE.

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