16/05/2015 ALBUM NO.3

We have been recording our album No.3 since April 2013 with Sandris Savickis (Starring Two) in Jūrmala and have started mixing it with Kaspars Tobis from (7 Synths, Dzelzs Vilks) in Sigulda. More news coming soon.

Starring Two Studio

More photos HERE.

20/10/2014 Juris Tipa in Latvia – radio & on stage

Juris Tipa, whom you might know as our former guitarist (which is not entirely correct, as Juris is taking part in the recording of the new STandART album), has come from Mexico to Latvia for a few weeks and will be the guest at Radio NABA’s broadcast ‘RE Kovers’ on Wednesday, October 22, (around 18:30) with some recordings done by Mexican bands.

An exclusive concert by the band ‘Pasaules gaisma’ will take place at ‘Nabaklab’ on November 2. The band will perform as Imants Daksis + Juris Tipa + Edgars Liljē, who is also involved with STandART. Previously, Mārtiņš and Kalvis have been members of ‘Pasaules gaisma’ as well.


While STandART is still in the midst of the recording process, neofolk band ‘Ēnu kaleidoskops’ (with Mārtiņš and Kalvis in the lineup) has released its 2nd album “u-hu!”. It’s available in the CD format as well as digitally on the band’s Bandcamp site:


The nearest live performance of “Ēnu kaleidoskops” will be in the festival ‘Darkland Fire IV’, Rakvere, Estonia, December 7.

More about ‘Ēnu kaleidoskops’ on the band’s website:

27/08/2013 Mėnuo Juodaragis XVI

Thanks to everyone who was a part of Mėnuo Juodaragis XVI – the organizers, all the different kinds of artists and the audience. It was a fantastic festival, and we had a wonderful time. Ačiu!

We played 4 completely new songs. For the first time, our lineup featured Edgars Liljē on live drums. Edgars plays or has played in such bands as Marta Migla, Ēnu kaleidoskops, Pasaules Gaisma, Sniegavīru Rūpnīca. It was also the first STandART concert with live drums since 2003.

Photos from the festival HERE.

Photo: Martynas Sirusas

06/08/2013 MJR News

STandART are set to play on the Pinewood Stage, Aug 23, 01:45 (yes, technically Aug 24 morning). Promises to be an unusual gig – 50 % of the songs will be performed live for the very first time. Some changes in the lineup:) All info about the festival in Latvian, Lithuanian and English:


Unfortunately, DUNA URBS festival (August 17, Riga) is cancelled. Our next gig: Mėnuo Juodaragis XVI on August 23 in Zarasai, Lithuania.

17/05/2013 Festivals in August

We are pleased to announce the first live performances in 2013:

August 17 – DUNA URBS festival, Riga, Latvia.

August 23 – Mėnuo Juodaragis XVI festival, Zarasai, Lithuania. (Please note that ‘Ēnu kaleidoskops’ will also take part in the festival). More info at

At both concerts, it is planned to play a selection of already known tracks as well as several completely new songs, which will be performed live for the first time.


We’ve started working on our 3rd album, at this point, together with Sandris from ‘Starring Two’. There are close to 20 demos to work on/choose from, and the first comments from others include ‘ambient’, ‘folk-rock’ and ‘doom metal’:) Can’t promise anything too soon, but at least it’s in the making.

03/01/2013 ‘Starring Two’ – No.5 in Radio Naba Top100

‘Hospital’, a song by STandART sideproject ‘Starring Two’, ranked at No.5 in the annual Radio NABA Top100. It’s the best result by a Latvian artist and it was also named ‘the biggest surprise’ of the chart.

25/09/2012 Electronic Pop Night in Helsinki

November 17, 2012 – Elektronisen popin ilta (Electronic Pop Night),  STandART & Dj Gac (LV) + and the Ocean (FI) + Single Sound (FI) @ Lavaklubi, Helsinki, Finland.