01/09 New STandART single out now!

“Bez Miega Zirgi” is produced in collaboration with “Gas of Latvia” and Sandris Savickis (“Starring Two”). Its lyrics are based on a poem by Latvian poet Rainis, and the song was recorded for the compilation “Strāvoklis” with various Latvian artists performing poems by Rainis.

“Gadalaiku Cilvēki” is the Latvian version of the song “Season People” from the album “Autumn News”. The live tracks were recorded at Belly, Helsinki on February 19, 2010.

The video has been shot during STandART tour in Finland and Sweden in February 2010. The video for the song about animals and hunting features scenes with pupils dressed up as animals in Tampere, concerts with the Finnish band “…and the Ocean” in Turku and Helsinki, and scenes from KGB Bar (STandART played on Feb 27) and Tunnelgatan in Stockholm, next to which the Prime Minister of Sweden Olof Palme was shot on Feb 28, 1986.

Listen and watch HERE.

Free download of the songs HERE.

Latvian lyrics, as well as the English translation HERE.


01 Bez Miega Zirgi (Gas of Latvia Mix)
02 Bez Miega Zirgi (Padome Mix)
03 Gadalaiku Cilvēki
04 Autumn News (Live in Helsinki 2010)
05 Lapsu Nakts (Live in Helsinki 2010)


01 Animals of Our Kind
02 Tādi Zvēri Kā Mēs
03 Sådana djur som vi

In addition, a couple of new concert dates are confirmed: October 14 @ festival “Bildes 2010”, Riga and October 23 @ “Nabaklab”, Riga.

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