20/10 Juris Tipa in Latvia – radio & on stage

Juris Tipa, whom you might know as our former guitarist (which is not entirely correct, as Juris is taking part in the recording of the new STandART album), has come from Mexico to Latvia for a few weeks and will be the guest at Radio NABA’s broadcast ‘RE Kovers’ on Wednesday, October 22, (around 18:30) with some recordings done by Mexican bands.

An exclusive concert by the band ‘Pasaules gaisma’ will take place at ‘Nabaklab’ on November 2. The band will perform as Imants Daksis + Juris Tipa + Edgars Liljē, who is also involved with STandART. Previously, Mārtiņš and Kalvis have been members of ‘Pasaules gaisma’ as well.

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