As the year ends, a brief studio update. We’ve finished (mixed) 9-10 tracks from 15. Those include a re-recorded version of ‘Sleep Less Horses’ (Bez Miega Zirgi) and a couple of tracks we played live already in 2013 – ‘Poison’ and ‘Under The Cat-Fur-Coloured Sky’. The remaining 5-6 tracks have the main stuff recorded as well. A new single will be out in January. If you don’t want to miss any news, subscribe to STandART Newsletter (enter your e-mail address in the window on the right side of the page).

Meanwhile, ‘Drudzis’ (Fever) ranked at No.15 at Radio NABA Top100 of 2015.

Thanks for the support. Happy New Year!

Kalvis & Mārtiņš

STandART Studio 2015 New Year

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